We are thrilled to have partnered with to provide an effective Evangelism tool that anyone can use. TrueLife is a unique non-profit Christian organization dedicated to showing the world that the Bible is true and reliable.

TrueLife is on the cutting edge of evangelism and uses easy to understand videos and other resources to bring individuals to faith in Christ. What's so special about that, you may be asking? 

Well, as we all know, our Christian beliefs are constantly being challenged by the world we live in. When we cannot adequately provide answers to the questions we are asked about our faith, we leave people to question God even more.

TrueLife is unique in that it offers reliable answers from a biblical worldview via the Web that are non-threatening and easy to understand. Most importantly, these resources and answers help encourage people to attend church.

Click on the link above to see the incredible array of topics that are covered on the TrueLife site!