Have you ever struggled to answer tough questions from people you have witnessed to about your faith? I'm sure we all have, after all, none of us have all the answers!

But what if there was a place you could direct someone to where they could search for answers to just about any topic? Not only that, but find answers from a Biblical world view?

Well, such a place does exist and here at Nocatee we have partnered with to help reach the people of our community and beyond. Here in one centralized location you can find answers to questions about pretty much everything from A to Z. Whether it's Abortion, Evolution, God, or many other subjects, you can find helpful, biblically based answers at

This is an incredible Evangelism tool because you can instantly pull up the truelife website and search for an answer while you are witnessing to someone. How amazing is that!

Please check out the link above to find out more about this incredible resource!